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Running any business requires maximum security as you need to protect your life and life of your employees and clients. For instance, if we talk about hotels, the level of protection should be the highest and the locks play an important role in the safety, reliability and security of the personal belongings of guests.

Ordering a reliable locking and access control system for your office or apartment building gives you all the following advantages:


Installing an Intercom

Everybody had used or, at least, heard about this handy tool. So, let us remind you what is needed for its successful installation and maintenance.

  1. A dialing panel (block for calling), which is installed externally;
  2. Exit button to open the door from the inside;
  3. Door closer for smooth closing;
  4. Cable;
  5. Intercom keys;
  6. Unit for power and control the intercom (uninterrupted power supply);
  7. Monitors, handsets for communications in the premises.

Another important aspect of commercial locksmith service is fire door locks installation and maintenance.

There are special requirements for a fire door locks. On the one hand, the locking mechanism must ensure that the door is tamper-proof. On the other hand, the lock on the fire door should guarantee its fast opening in a case of an emergency. Fireproof locks:

Modern fireproof doors are equipped with different fittings. This is necessary to ensure unimpeded evacuation of people in case of fire in the building. One of the important details, most owners miss is that the door must be equipped with the locks that have the same fire resistance as the canvas itself. This requirement reduces the risks of malfunctions caused by discrepancies in materials the components are made of.

And the final common question we want to highlight here and that we meet often in our work is safe opening.

Safes are considered the most reliable storage for especially valuable things and documents. They are made to ensure their main objective - the contents could be removed only by opening the lock. Thus, the degree of reliability of a safe is largely determined by the quality of the lock. It is important not only to buy a modern model with a high level of secrecy, but also to install it correctly. Locks for safes differ in many characteristics: from the opening principles to the degree of burglary resistance. It cannot be said that locks of one type are always more reliable than of another. Installation of locks both mechanical and electronic type can provide the necessary level of protection. Make a choice based on operational features. Let's take a quick look at the main types of locks for safes.

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Key Locks

Safes and vaults with such a lock are opened with a key. Mostly leveling devices are used for safes. Design peculiarities make them very resistant to force breaking methods.

The advantages: a relatively low price and ease of use.

The latter is especially relevant for office safes, which need to be opened often. It takes less time to roll the key in the keyhole than to type the code in specific application or software. As a result, to save time users simply leave important papers and data under the table almost all the working day. In addition, if the device needs to be opened regularly in the presence of strangers, the code can be easily "read" by an experienced eye.

The only significant drawback of such a system is the key. It will have to be carried with you constantly or safely hidden. If there is the slightest suspicion that it fell into the wrong hands, the owners will have to replace the lock in the safe.


Mechanical Code Locks

These devices are opened with the code. Frequently, it is input not with "one button touch" but with the turning of a special handle (dial rings, we saw it in the films many times). This procedure is long, which makes it not suitable for offices, where the safe is opened hundred times a day. But at home it can provide an excellent level of security at a reasonable price. There are programmable and unprogrammed models. In the latter case, it is important to keep the factory code in memory. If it is lost, the recovery will take a long time. In this situation, a professional lock picking up of safes is usually required. This will allow its owners to quickly access the content. In most cases, our 24 hour locksmith in Sheffield provide damage free safe lock opening.


Electronic Safe Locks

These are the most convenient, but also the most expensive types of safe locks. To open such a lock, it is enough to input the code on the keyboard. It's somehow fast and not complicated at all. Such locks can be reprogrammed. Some models, even if the code is forgotten, the vault can always be opened with a master key. You don't have to carry the latter with you all the time. It can be hidden in a safe place until unforeseen circumstances arise. The system is very convenient when few employees must have access to the safe.

Its drawback is the batteries. The charge should be constantly monitored. The situation with the low battery charge is unpleasant, but not critical. It is enough to replace the battery, if you can't do it or face this kind of problem first time, it is reasonable to call for a professional locksmith or vault specialist. These locks do not tolerate low temperatures and high humidity also.

All commercial locksmith services are available with Tone Locksmiths of Sheffield as well, including:

We've described some important products that our Sheffield commercial locksmiths offer, however if you have questions, please, do contact us at 01143 216136.

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